Original Contemporary Abstract – Transcontinental 2024 by JP Looney


Original Contemporary Abstract Painting by JP Looney – Transcontinental 2024 41.5″ x 73.5″ x 2 is hand painted and original conception for sale handmade acrylic on high quality canvas.  Colors of gray, black, brown, sepia, white and tan: a beautiful addition to any room.  Shipped rolled, unframed and unstretched, framing is display only.

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Original Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting – hand painted original concept painting by JP Looney.  

  • Title: Transcontinental 2024
  • artist: JP Looney
  • Media: Handmade Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas
  • Size: 73 x 41 high  
  • Varnished with matte finish UV protection.
  • Hand painted in the USA by an American Artist
  • Available for shipment in 1-2 business days. Ships rolled and protected.


 Artist’s Inspiration: 

JP Looney draws inspiration from childhood memories and sensory experiences, translating them into abstract forms and vibrant hues on canvas. “Transcontinental 2024” evokes the sensation of peering through misty windows, where shapes and colors meld into a dreamlike landscape. The title reflects not only the visual essence of the painting but also resonates with a musical inspiration that adds another layer of meaning.

About the Artist:

JP Looney is a renowned American artist based in Palm Desert, California. His works, including a diverse collection of original abstract landscapes, seascapes, and contemporary paintings, are showcased in his art gallery. Each piece reflects his passion for capturing elusive moments of beauty and emotion through art.

Explore JP Looney’s portfolio and delve deeper into his artistic journey by visiting his gallery in Palm Desert or by clicking the link below to learn more about his distinctive approach to contemporary painting.

Enrich your space with the evocative charm of “Transcontinental 2024,” where abstract expressionism meets personal introspection in a timeless display of artistic prowess.


From the artist

For the most part, painting is really a joy for me.  I love the sheen and texture of this painting.  When I think of the days when I was a kid looking out of the wet, foggy window, it was difficult sometimes to make out definite objects.  What I was actually seeing was shapes and colors.  I tried to mimic that mood and feeling in this painting.  I also think of the song with the similar name and I just feel like this title fits the painting perfectly.

You are welcome to visit my art gallery in Palm Desert California and see my many other paintings hanging in the gallery.  I have a large collection of original abstract landscape paintings, seascapes and other contemporary paintings on display. 

 You can also click the link below to learn more about the artist.

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