Original Abstract Cityscape – Singapore – Quadriptych -JP Looney


Original abstract cityscape titled “Singapore” this 4 piece set, a quadriptych, is by the artist JP Looney.  These 4 pieces if hung as shown with 4″ in between each piece is 54″ wide by 45″ high.  Each individual painting is 10″ wide  x 45″ high.  These paintings are carefully protected and shipped stretched as shown.  You amy frame as desired or leave as is for a modern look.

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  • Genre: Abstract cityscape
  • Title: Singapore
  • Artist: JP Looney, SIGNED BY THE ARTIST
  • Size: 54″ wide x 45″ high
  • Year Painted:  2024         
  • Orientation: landscape – horizontal
  • Colors: deep orange, red, yellow, green and tan
  • Painted in California, United States by an American artist.  
  • Ships in 1-2 business days.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of urban life with “Singapore,” an original abstract cityscape quadriptych by the acclaimed artist JP Looney. This stunning four-piece set, when displayed with a 4-inch gap between each piece, creates an expansive visual panorama measuring 54 inches wide by 45 inches high. Each individual panel, at 10 inches wide by 45 inches high, contributes to the overall grandeur and elegance of the composition.

“Singapore” captures the essence of the city with bold colors, intricate details, and an abstract interpretation combined with the feel of Chinese tapestries and paintings, you can see the influence of this in the paintings.  They evoke the bustling vibrancy and cultural identity of this global metropolis, Singapore. Looney’s masterful use of color and form brings the city to life, inviting viewers to explore its depths and uncover hidden details. The abstract nature of the artwork allows for personal interpretation, making it a versatile addition to any art collection.

Crafted with precision and care, each piece in this quadriptych is stretched and protected to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready to adorn your walls. You have the option to frame these paintings to suit your décor preferences or display them as is for a contemporary, sleek look. The vertical format of each panel adds a modern touch, while the collective arrangement creates a cohesive and impactful visual statement.

“Singapore” is more than just a set of paintings; it is a conversation starter, a focal point, and a testament to your appreciation for fine art. Whether placed in a living room, office, or gallery space, this quadriptych is sure to captivate and inspire. JP Looney’s “Singapore” offers a unique opportunity to bring the allure of an abstract cityscape into your home, reflecting both the artist’s vision and your own sophisticated taste. Elevate your environment with this exquisite piece and experience the transformative power of abstract art.

From the Artist: “After framing many Chinese tapestries throughout my life and then speaking with clients about the urban life in Singapore this painting came to life, and you can see the influences as I painted it.” – JP Looney

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