Being an abstract artist and painting abstract artwork has given me the freedom to explore color and revel in the movement of paint.  This started as an experiment and then I started selling my paintings.   I was fortunate enough to have  acquired a frame shop in 1999, which gave me the opportunity to display my art.  It is such a great feeling when someone buys your artwork and hangs it in their living space.  So rewarding!
 I have been an abstract artist now for many years now and it has become my passion.   My paintings have been enjoyed and cherished by designers and collectors and I want to share with everyone what I am doing.    My paintings come from my mind, and from my hand.  I love the many colors and the juxtaposition of the movement of the color in my abstract paintings.  I draw off of my personal experiences, and things I see in my life and somehow they come out in the paint.  I do not make copies – my pieces are one of a kind, original conception paintings.  When it’s sold it’s no longer available!
abstract artist JP Looney
JP Looney, Artist