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Welcome to the About Us page, which is also the Artist Bio Page.  My passion is original abstract paintings which sometimes take the feel of landscapes, or seascapes, as well as geometric forms and contemporary artwork. Being an abstract artist and creating abstract paintings has given me the freedom to explore color and revel in the movement of paint. I have always worked with my hands and feel a deep desire to create. 

Whether its paint, wood or any material I love putting it together and seeing what evolves in the material and its really fascinating and awe inspiring what happens on the canvas.  

My painting journey

My journey began when I was fortunate enough to acquire a frame shop in 1999, with many white walls.  After my wife sold my first painting, I took the opportunity to fill up those white walls and display my art. It is such a great feeling when someone buys your artwork and hangs it in their living space. This is incredibly rewarding for me!

I have been an abstract artist now for over 20 years, and it has become my passion. Although I am still framing, my walls are never empty in the gallery.  My paintings have been enjoyed and cherished by designers and collectors all over Southern California.  My paintings come from my mind and my hand. I love the many colors and the juxtaposition of the movement of color in my abstract paintings.

My Inspiration

I draw inspiration from my personal experiences, my faith, and the things I see and have seen in my travels. These experiences somehow find their way into my art. My pieces are one-of-a-kind, original conception paintings. When an original is sold, it is no longer available. Some of my older paintings are available as prints on canvas.

I really want to share with everyone what I am painting, so please check out my social pages to see what I have been up to. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing prints or have any inquiries about my work. Thank you for visiting JP Looney Art!

abstract artist JP Looney
JP Looney, Artist